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    Storytellers. Constructors of brand narratives for dynamic media. Concept to delivery. On air. Online. On-ground. Call now!

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    +91 9820009854
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    For Ideas

    Zahir +91 9820605773

  • Zahir

    (M)ad-man. Creative thinker. Problem-solver. Artist. Actor. 23 years in the business. Ex Lowe, Mudra, JWT. zahir.mirza@doosra.in


    Music lover. Marketing man. Voice of reason. Ex BP, Puma, Parle Agro, SSC&B, Dentsu. 25+ years in the business. r.ravishankar@doosra.in


    Army reject. F1 fan. Dravid devotee. Brand Marketer. Ex Vodafone Videocon SSCB Foresight. 16+ yrs. Obnoxiously polite. vineet.neb@doosra.in


    Business Developer. space bound rocket fuelled by the passion for business. Personal shopper. Stylist. Short. Quirky. reetika.chatterjee@doosra.in

  • Deeshant

    Powerpoint Pro. Smile Miser. Cutting Chai Junkie. UCB Loyalist. Hardrock Encyclopedia. The account guy. deeshant.bhandarkar@doosra.in


    Copywriter. Filmmaker. FTII graduate. Directed National Award-winning docu. Man of few words. kaevan.umrigar@doosra.in


    Optimist, dreamer, believer in being a world-changer, wannabe globe trotter, food lover, artist, photographer. nimisha.patil@doosra.in


    I dream. I write. I hope. I fight. I smile. I narrate. I love. I create. Not necessarily in that order. priyanka.kamath@doosra.in

  • Dayanand

    South Indian Foodie. Artwork Churner. Mughal Enthusiast. One-liner Expert. Did I already mention foodie? dayanand.chilka@doosra.in


    Full time writer-dreamer, part-time philosopher. Curious, Dramatic, Random. Thrive on books, travel, dancing, cake! alesha.pimpale@doosra.in


    More Playing than Working. More Art than Copy. More Good than Bad. More Italian than Sindhi. More Crazy than Sane. krishna.hemnani@doosra.in


    Client Servicing With an Ismile. Muscleman. Baseball Fanatic.
    The Go To Guy. prasad.chavan@doosra.in


    A big bowl of creativity, a tablespoon of dreams, a pinch of attitude and a dash of spice. nikita.tayal@doosra.in

  • Bobby

    Magician with the PC. Turning other people's imagination into reality for more than 7 years now. brajpal.kiroula@doosra.in


    Servicing with an accent. MICA Import. Video-edit Fanatic. 50-50 Player. guruprasad.patel@doosra.in

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